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2015 Summer Bible Reading Challenge

Welcome incoming freshmen!

Want to sign up to participate in the Bible reading challenge over the summer?

This summer we will be reading the Gospel of John. Read 5 minutes a day for 30 days. After completing the reading for the day, text your group your favorite verse. Complete the 30 day challenge and receive a prize during the first week of fall quarter.

Here is a testimony of a student who participated in the Gospel of John reading challenge:

“Participating in the bible summer reading challenge was the perfect opportunity to get connected with believers in Seattle. It was great to jump in and share my enjoyment of the Word with a new friend. Going through the Gospel of John provided the fellowship that I was looking for and involvement with the club before the school year started.” – Jack (Accounting, Junior)

This challenge is a great way to read the Bible every day and also get to know some of the students in the club!

Fill out the form here so that we can put you in a group as soon as possible.