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Letting Life Flow

This week, we gathered in a home and read about “Triune God as the Water of Life”. From the very beginning in the book of Genesis, to the very end, in the book of Revelation, there is the line of the river, flowing all the time with the living water. This very stream is the outflow of God Himself to reach us and be received by us as our life supply. In the Bible, Christ is revealed as the tree of life and with this tree there is always the flowing river. This picture of the tree and the flowing river shows us that the way for God to be life to us is to constantly flow out.

Stagnant water signifies death and flowing water signifies life in the Bible. Thus, for God to be life to us, we have believe in Him and allow Him to constantly flow out of our innermost being. The Lord is the water of life. But if He cannot flow freely within us, it would be hard for us to sense life. If we exercise and release our spirit more frequently and constantly, we get to drink more living water flowing from our spirit and the Word. The Lord Jesus said in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life and may have it abundantly.”

Carol C.