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Fall Outing 2017: Bob’s Corn & Pumpkin Farm

What better way to start the new school year than a club outing to the Snohomish farm? Fresh pumpkin donuts, hot apple cider, and a fun corn maze proved to be a great bonding time with new students and club members.

Taking in the lovely scent of the farm and the warm buzz of conversation and excitement, the club headed first towards the food. With our appetite increasing every time we took in the smells of the ongoing barbecue, freshly fried donuts and piping hot apple cider, we quickly got in line to appease our growling stomachs.

Munching on our delicious eats, we sauntered toward the hay ride that would tote us to the big corn maze. As the tractor hauled us towards the maze, the onset of a rain shower made the club members grow anxious, wondering if the rain would make the maze more difficult. Jumping off the hay ride and heading into the maze, we quickly realized that even with a map, a corn maze was easy to become disorientated in. The twists, the indistinguishable turns and the slippery mud focusing us on the ground culminated in some of us getting lost and some losing faith in their once confident navigation abilities. After finally finding the lost sheep, we headed off for the last stretch, finishing as the sun began to peer out of the clouds and glisten against the corn stalks.

Dizzy but triumphant, we moseyed around the pumpkin patch, looking at all the different shapes, sizes and colors found in the patch. With the sun setting and our stomachs full, we left the farm ready to begin a new school year with the club.