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Christians students at the University of Washington have various opportunities to fellowship with one another to enjoy the riches of Christ in the Bible and in the members.

  • Thursday Night Fellowship | HUB (room # is posted on the event calendar)

Thursday night fellowship is our weekly gathering where the whole club comes together for a warm meal, to hear a message grounded in the Word, and to have a sweet fellowship with all of the club members.

  • Bible Reading Groups | Location and group meeting times vary, please contact

Bible reading groups are our “mini” bible studies but much better! You get to decide the time and the location of your reading group. These group times provide an open and casual environment to ask questions, study the Bible, invite friends, and make new friends.

  • Bible Studies | Wednesday and Thursday at 12:30PM

Do you want to know more about the Bible? Join us on Wednesdays and Thursdays to dive into the truths revealed in God’s word. Topic varies every week.

  • Spring Break Trip | During Spring Break

Every year Christian Students Association takes a trip to visit our sister clubs throughout the United States. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other seeking Christian students and alumni of the club, to preach the gospel on different campuses, and to have lots of fun with other club members.


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