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College Training Enjoyments

Last week from July 9th – 15th was the annual college training in Occidental, California. Over 400 brothers and sisters attended from colleges all over the west coast. Each day began at 6:30am and finished at 10:30pm, comprising of a morning revival time, two morning messages on our human spirit and bearing fruit on the college campuses, an afternoon recreation time, an afternoon fellowship time to pray and share with a small group, and finally an evening message on the seven churches of Revelation ch.2-3. While not for the faint of heart, this training brought many spiritual riches and many of us returned home with all 51 verses of Revelation ch.2-3 memorized.

The most precious time for me was spending my morning with the Lord. We learned how to touch the Lord in a private and intimate way through exercising our spirit. Then from the evening line of messages, I was impressed that the church in Philadelphia, meaning brotherly love, was praised for three simple yet profound things. They were praised because they had a little power, kept God’s word, and did not deny His name.

Brian M.