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Vivian’s Testimony

I was baptized right before I came to Seattle. Before coming to UW, I did not have any experience of the Christian life and I did not know anything about the Bible. I did not know that I have a spirit. I did not know how to pray, not to say to contact the Lord through my prayers


However, day by day and little by little, the Lord guided me and led me to Him. He put me in many difficult situations, and through these experiences, He imparted His life into me. Because of His nourishment, I began to touch Him, contact Him, and have an intimate relationship with Him. He is truly the source of the river of life, and he waters my heart.


I’m so grateful that He didn’t hide Himself from me. He is a living Person who speaks to me and reveals Himself to me. I did not realize this until one special night when the Lord appeared to me. Prior to that night, I had been praying every day for the Lord to be more real to me. That night, I sat on my bed for a long time and I kept praying to the Lord, “Lord, please come to me tonight. I want to hear Your word.” I kept praying and praying and I was working so hard to open up my ears. Suddenly, I felt like someone was sitting next to me and He said, “Vivian, you have been trying too hard. I don’t want you to do anything for me. I love you very very much. I just want to hold you, kiss you, and spend time with you. I just want you to come to Me and find rest in Me. You know what? You have a spirit inside of you, and I live in here. If you keep coming to Me, it will surly grow.” Tears started pouring out of my eyes. For a long time, I couldn’t stop myself from crying because I was so touched. He finally spoke to me and I did not know that He is THIS real.


Because of this experience with the Lord, I know that He is a real Person inside of me, He is always with me, and I have faith in Him. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, no matter how I feel, I know that He will never change, and I will always be his beloved child.


The friends I met through Christian Students Association at UW took really good care of me. From students to club alumni, they gave me warmth and helped me find rest in a foreign city. And more importantly, they helped me find a companion who will be in me and with me forever—the Lord Jesus Christ.