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7/31 Bible Study Summary

The Bible study this week was very practical to all of us. Last week we covered the different kinds of hearts shown in Matthew 4 and this week we discussed how to approach different kinds of people with the Gospel. There are 5 categories of people that we may encounter, and some may be a combination of multiple categories. Atheists, sinners, people who sense the vanity of life, moral people, and professing Christians are all people we may encounter on campus. Those who sense the vanity of life and sinners who want to be freed from sin are usually the easiest to preach the Gospel to. They are open and seeking for something more.

However, atheists and moral people are not always open to the Gospel, so what is the key to opening their hearts. With an atheist, it is not good to argue with them because they are reasoning in their mind. Instead, touch their emotion. Even atheists have a feeling that there must be a God. If we just put a thought into their mind, such as “Jesus loves you”, it plants a seed that will continue to bother them until at last they are saved. As for moral people, one cannot tell them that morality doesn’t mean anything. Even Christians sometimes cannot be convinced that morality means nothing. Instead, point out that morality comes out of a certain kind of life, just as fruit comes from a tree. If a person receives Christ, then he will have the highest form of life resulting in the kind of life that will satisfy the highest standard.

As one student put it, we need to be prepared to preach the Gospel as a doctor is prepared to diagnose and treat different kinds of illnesses. We can’t just give everyone an aspirin. Each person needs something different and we need to know what that is.