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7/24 Bible Study Summary

During this bible study we had the opportunity to talk about the Parable of the Sower (Mark 4:1-20). This is where a farmer scatter seeds that fall into four different types of soil: the wayside (ie, sidewalk next to the farm), the rocky soil, the thorn-filled soil, and the fertile soil. The seeds on the wayside get picked up by the birds; the seeds on the rocky soil spring up quickly but wither due to the presence of too much sun; the seeds on the thorny soil grow but get choked up by the thorns; and the seeds in the fertile soil grow to be large trees and bear fruit of all sorts.

Jesus then reveals the meaning of this parable to His disciples: the seed is the Word of God, and the different types of soil represent the different hearts of people. The wayside represents those who hear the Word of God and don’t believe. The rocky soil are those who believe the Word of God, enter into the ‘honeymoon’ phase in their walk with God, but once trouble or tribulation comes across their path, they stumble in their faith. The thorny soil are those who believe but are prone to the anxieties, lusts and riches of the world, thus do not get anywhere in their faith. And the fertile soil represents those who believe in the Word of God, grow spiritually, and produce spiritual fruit such as patience and joy.

We also digressed into an application of this parable and discussed about preaching to those who don’t believe in the Word of God. The main point touched was that people do not search for God based on understanding, but on their desires to learn about Him. As Christians, we give them the seed, the Word of God, and water this seed by talking about our experiences with Jesus so they can have the opportunity to gain the desire to learn about Him and enter into His Kingdom.