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    CSA Spring Break Trip 2016 – Yosemite

    This year’s annual Spring Break Trip was a road trip down through Oregon and into California! The CSA members had a great time exploring the cities of Portland, Eugene, Redding, and San Francisco. At each city, CSA was greeted by the members of the local churches, who offered warm food and beds. Vincent Jonany, a sophomore CSA member, says, “ This year’s Spring Break was awesome! My favorite part about the trip was the fact that after a long day of walking and sightseeing, we could sing, fellowship, and enjoy the Lord with all of the churches! ” !

    October Hike

    CSA Outing Fall 2015

    CSA members recently went on a short outing to Discovery Park in Western Seattle. Although the weather was not too great, everyone was still in high spirits. A quick hike down to the lighthouse by the beach was followed by several spontaneous activities: stone skipping, shell collecting, boat watching, and of course, picture taking. To wrap up the afternoon, hot chili and sandwiches waited for us back at the cars, which was definitely a highlight of the outing for some!

    Finding Fellowship

    Finding Fellowship

    Here’s Abby’s story of starting out at UW:

    When I first came to the University of Washington I didn’t know a single person, but it wasn’t long before a group of strangers turned into a support network of great friends and fellow believers in Christ. The Thursday Night Fellowship was my favorite weekly event, especially in terms of getting to know the other members. It follows a relaxed schedule, with people popping in and out at all times, depending on who can make it, and I think that makes for a very welcoming and easy-going environment.